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Indonesia: Zoo May Have To Kill Some Animals To Feed Others Amid Lockdown

Indonesia zoo has over 850 animals and said that it is running out of food to feed its animals and the situation may force the management to cull few occupants.


The coronavirus lockdown has forced many businesses to shut down due to the loss incurred by the restrictions imposed across the world. A zoo in Indonesia is also dealing with the effect of lockdown after it was forced to shut its doors two months ago. The zoo has said that it may have to kill some of its animals in the coming months in order to feed others as it is finding it difficult to keep up with the cost of expensive meat required for the big cats in the facility. 

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May cull few animals

The zoo, which has over 850 animals has reportedly said that it is running out of food to feed its animals and the situation may force the management to cull a few of its occupants to keep others alive. Sultan Syafi'i, a spokesman for the zoo reportedly said that they are identifying dotted deers that are unproductive and cannot breed anymore to feed them to carnivore animals like Sumatran tiger and Javan leopard. 

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The zoo reportedly earned approximately 1.2 billion rupiah ($81,744) a month before it was forced it close on March 23 after the Indonesian government imposed lockdown. According to reports, a donor who was allowed to visit the zoo recently said that all the animals were looking fine and healthy except for the lion, who looked a bit skinny. As per reports, few animals are also enraged due to the decrease in the quantity of food. 

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The zoo may also kill some birds including geese to keep up with the demand of carnivore animals. The zoo is reportedly feeding 2 kgs less to an endangered tiger named Fitri who previously received 10 kgs of meat every two days prior to the lockdown. The Indonesian Zoo Association has urged for help from President Joko Widodo and says that 90 percent of the country's animal facilities will only be able to feed until the end of May if no assistance is provided by the government. 

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