This Lizard Is Selling His Paintings To Raise Money For Australia Bushfire Fund

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Lizard named Winston dips feet in paint, the creature then walks all over the canvas creating paintings that are auctioned by the owner for a fundraiser.

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Sarah Curry, a graphic designer from Michigan reportedly creates artwork by dipping the claws of her Argentinian tegu lizard named Winston in paint and then making the creature walk all over the canvas, she later puts these paintings for auction to put together a fundraiser towards Australia’s bushfire crisis.

Sarah’s paintings tend to sell for up to $75, and the pair have so far raised a sum of over $1,000 from selling the lizard paintings that they have contributed as donations to the Australia Fire Relief fund, suggest reports.

Winston was abandoned in a box

Sarah told the media that the lizard was once owned by someone else who wasn’t sure about the reptile’s needs so they couldn’t provide the proper care he needed to thrive. They eventually dropped him off in a box in front of a zoo at the Great Lakes Zoological Society in the month of October, she added.

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Sarah further explained that when Winston was found, he was underweight, his skin wasn’t in good condition, and he needed some TLC. She said that the lizard has been a great contributor in her cause, as the paintings would not be possible without his participation.

She further added that Australia has been scorching under the fires and there’s devastation everywhere, therefore, she wanted to do something to be able to help. Sarah explained that she did some research after speaking with the zookeepers and vets to take suggestions on the paints and then let Winston do what he does best, make a big mess on the canvas.


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Sarah's paintings turned out to be extremely beautiful, so much that she could auction them at a reasonable price, and Winston seemed to enjoy the task considering that he liked how the paint felt on his feet as he walked all over composing the artwork, confirmed reports.

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