Tesco Customer Finds Unexpected Suprise On His Chocolate Santa

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Tesco Chocolate Santa had a man in hysterics when he found a phallic shape addition on his chocolate. He has reached out to Tesco to let them know about it.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

Man finds a male-genitalia shaped addition on his 1 Euro hollowed-out chocolate Santa. The customer who bought the chocolate Santa from Tesco found the situation absolutely comical and was himself in hysterics. He has reached out to Tesco about the surprise addition on his chocolate.

Chocolate Santa with a twist

According to local media outlets, Jason Greaves, 28 discovered the unforeseen addition to his chocolate Santa on the bottom half of the chocolate. According to Jason, he merely bought the chocolate on a whim as it was right next to the cashier and he wanted to have something sweet. After getting home and discovering the strange phallic shape on his chocolate he called over his partner and both of them took a picture of it in the middle of cracking up about it.

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Jason has said that he left the chocolate uneaten and contacted Tesco in case the chocolate he got was from a bad batch. He then added that the placement of the unusual addition to Santa was just so perfect that it's hard to believe that the addition was a mistake of some kind.
Jaso while finding the situation funny he said that it would be a totally different story if it was a kid who had ended up buying the chocolate. A spokesperson from Tesco in reply to Jasons said that if he wanted the product exchanged then he could do so at the nearest Tesco supermarket store.

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