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McDonald's Employees Rescue Woman Who Mouthed 'help Me' At Drive-thru

Employees of a McDonald's outlet in the United States were praised by the authorities for saving a woman who mouthed a help me at the outlet's drive-thru


Employees of a McDonald's outlet in the United States were praised by the authorities for saving a woman who mouthed ''help me'' at the outlet's drive-thru. According to reports, the woman first went to the store's counter in the afternoon on December 24 and asked the employees to call 911 before moving towards the washroom. Afterwards, she tried to give her order but apparently her partner, Eduardo Valenzuela, forced her to place an order via the drive-thru.

McDonald's employees praised

Once both of them reached the order placing counter at the drive-thru, the woman mouthed a Help Me at the window and the employee quickly called for the cops, while the restaurant's manager asked employees stationed at the drive-thru to stop taking orders so that the victim's car could not move.

According to reports, when the police eventually arrived at the scene, they asked the woman to pull over while Valenzuela was sitting in the passenger seat. After searching the car, the police found a gun with live rounds in the car boot. The authorities took Valenzuela into custody based on the charges of threatening someone and being in possession of a gun with live rounds. After the Valenzuela was arrested, the woman told the cops that he had been violent with her before, adding that he had threatened her earlier during the day.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office released a statement in which they said that a woman's life was saved due to quick thinking of the staff members at a McDonald's outlet, Lodi, California. During the course of the investigation, authorities found out that Valenzuela had been violent towards the woman in the past and the day she asked for help, that day he had asked her to drive him to his parents.

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Two workers electrocuted

The local owner of a McDonald's franchise in Pueblo Libre, Peru, was fined for $250,000 due to serious safety violations. These safety violations came to light after two employees were electrocuted to death. Both workers aged 18, died on December 15 while cleaning the kitchen. Authorities in a statement revealed that the first victim, a woman, experienced an electric shock while attempting to clean the soda machine. Her colleague tried to help her but in the process suffered the same fate as her.

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