Stunning Photos Celebrating Winter Solstice Show Beauty Of First Day Of Winter

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People on social media are sharing stunning photos as they celebrated winter solstice on December 22. Winter solstice marks the longest night of the year.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:
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December 22 was marked as the shortest day of the year and was the first day of winter as solstice officially happened late night on December 21 in North America and early morning on December 22 in Europe. For many, it feels like winter has been around forever but officially it was on December 22 when winter started this year and the season will last till March 20. 

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Winter solstice

A solstice is an event when the sun appears to reach the most northerly or southerly point causing the longest night or day of the year. Solstices occur two times a year, once in June (summer solstice) and once in December (winter solstice). The Arctic circle doesn't see the light of the sun for 24 hours on the day of the winter solstice, while in Antarctica, it won't get dark for 24 hours. To celebrate the special event that occurs annually, people were sharing beautiful images on social media.  

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