New Zealand: Man Builds 'stick Library' For Dogs At Park, Lauded By Locals

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New Zealand man, Andrew Taylor created the world’s first 'Stick library'. The library is made up of a wooden box which contains sticks for pet dogs to play.

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New Zealand

Andrew Taylor created the world’s first 'Stick library' for dogs in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. The library is made up of a wooden box which contains sticks for pet dogs and has a tag which says ‘Stick Library’. The library is now extremely popular with the dog and their owners of the Kaiapoi town.

Lauded by the locals

Taylor’s daughter, Tayla Reece said that it was typical of her dad to create something like this. She also said that their own dog,  Bella had become a stick lover and she ripped to shreds any ball or another toy. Talking about her dad’s idea she said that while trimming the trees her dad found himself a lot of dead branches. He knew from the experience how hard it could be to find a good stick and that a dog park opening in the neighbourhood soon. So he came up with the idea that he would save them and put them in a kind of box which would be available to all. 

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She also recalled that when the park opened on November 30, her parents took Bella to the park and as expected, found no good sticks. The following day, her dad found a suitable crate and made the sign on the top of it. He decided to call it the 'Stick library' because it implied that you return the stick once you're finished with it.

Tyla also organised a 'Stick library' celebration. She initially shared a video to a social media group called Kaiapoi Residents Noticeboard where people applauded the creativity and the unique idea. They also shared pictures of their own dogs saying thank you or heading down and using the stick library. Shortly after that, she made an event asking people to meet at the dog park on December 11 to celebrate stick library and get some photos. Approximately 50 people turned up. People were startled by the simplicity of the idea and also that it was one unique idea none of them had thought. 

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