New Zealand Volcano Eruption: Death Toll Rises To 8, Several Missing

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After the volcanic eruption at White Island, the death toll from the disaster has reportedly risen to 8 and with eight more people missing and presumed dead.

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New Zealand

After the volcanic eruption at White Island, the death toll from the disaster has reportedly risen to eight and with eight more people missing those are presumed dead. According to reports, more than 20 people are in hospital and seven others have been transferred to burns units in Australia. The police in New Zealand are further planning a mission to volcanic White Island to retrieve bodies of people killed in the disaster. The authorities have also said that the volcanic is highly volatile and could erupt again within days. 

On December 11, the New Zealand Police also released a partial list of people who are still missing and unaccounted for after the volcanic eruption at White Island. The list composes of mostly Australians who were caught up in Monday's eruption. Increased volcanic activity and the toxic environment continue to hamper recovery efforts at the site of the Volcanic eruption at White Island, New Zealand. According to deputy commissioner John Tims, the chance of further eruptions is still present and the conditions on the island remain too dangerous for rescue operations. However, forces are standing by to push off for the island as soon as the conditions stabilise. The rescue teams are likely to encounter a toxic environment along with chemical hazards for which they must be fully prepared. 

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Seven nations affected

The volcanic eruption has affected people from seven nations. According to the New Zealand police, 47 people on White island were from Britain, China, Germany, Australia Malaysia, the US and New Zealand. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said in Parliament that police and defence force personnel have undertaken a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption, however, no signs of life have been detected. Ardern also paid tribute to first responders and helicopter pilots who flew in to rescue survivors. She further said that she wanted to acknowledge their courage. In their immediate efforts to get people off the island, those pilots have made an incredibly brave decision under extremely dangerous circumstances. 

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