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Poundland Selling £1 'stand-by Engagement Ring' For Women To Propose To Men

Retail company Poundland is selling £1 'stand-by' engagement rings in a blue velvet box for all the women who plan to propose to their partners on February 29


A British variety store Poundland is selling £1 'ask him' rings for all the women who plan to propose to their partners on February 29. According to reports, the intention behind the silver band rings is for women to give it to their male partners as a standby for their marital commitment until the man gets her a proper ring. The 'Ask Him' ring has been encased in a blue velvet box that has 'stand-by engagement ring' written at the bottom of the box. According to reports, Poundland made the announcement by saying "Take the leap and do the asking... Because he might never get round to it".

'It is not just about the ring'

After the announcement made by Poundland, a person posted a few pictures on a Facebook group, prompting a few people to comment on the stand-by engagement rings.

A representative of Poundland said that the company had come up with the idea as the perfect proposal option to take control of their destiny and a perfect opportunity for men to show off the rings and enjoy being proposed instead of proposing to their partners. The representative further added that the 'stand-by' engagement ring was the perfect way to pop the question in the year 2020. The British retailer last year had come up with the £1 Bling Ring Range that was marketed as placeholder rings. However, the rings prompted mixed reactions as one person called it a great idea whereas another called the rings tacky.

According to reports, the tradition of women proposing to men on a leap year dates back to 5th century Ireland when St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait for a long time for their prospective grooms to propose to them. The folklore also states that any man who declines the proposal will be liable to pay a fine.

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'Ugliest engagement ring'

A bride-to-be reportedly revealed how she was reduced to tears when her fiancé proposed to her with 'the ugliest engagement ring'. Anna Rosy, from Italy, recently shared a picture of the unique ring to one of Facebook's private group, before admitting that she cried a lot when she received it. Many internet users mocked the ring as they said that it looked like the Phantom of the Opera and Iron Man. The ring has a silver mask and a pursed-lip engraved on a gold band. Netizens also called the ring as the 'worst ring they had ever seen in a long time'.

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