Five People Fall Off Carnival Ride Midway In Thailand In Terrifying Video Clip

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In a terrifying incident, five people were thrown off on an amusement park ride after the machine malfunctioned at a carnival fair in Thailand's Lopburi

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In a terrifying incident, five people were thrown off on an amusement park ride after the machine malfunctioned. A video shared by a China-based new website shows the incident that occurred on November 30 at a carnival fair in Thailand's Lopburi. Fortunately, it was reported that the five managed to escape serious injury after they fell on the steel platform below the ride.

The accident occurred after the safety bar on the Pirates of Caribbean-themed ride came loose. This caused the bar to pop open. Four people landed on the ride's steel walkway but one boy was catapulted over a steel railing and wound up on the ground next to the ride. In response, the ride operator immediately turned off the ride.

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"I'm very shaken by it, too. I've never seen this happen before," said one shocked onlooker, according to a UK based newspaper. "The people who fell out hit the floor very hard, but they kind of slid along the ground, too."

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Operator says sorry

A 30-year-old named Ake was operating the ride. He apologised for his 'carelessness,' saying, "I was in charge at the control centre because my friend who also ran (the) station went to the toilet and then had a break. I want to apologise to the people who were hurt and their family, but I did not know much about the machine so I did not check anything before I started it." Local police have nonetheless shut down the ride. The owner of the fair and the ride could face trouble if cases are filed against them by the victims claiming damages.

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