UK: Young Mom Curls Her Hair Using Radiator Pipe After She Loses Her Curling Iron

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A young mother Emily Kendall, 22 from Lancashire lost her curling iron before a night out and came up with a creative way to curl her hair using a radiator

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A young mother Emily Kendall, 22 from Lancashire lost her hair curlers before a night out and came up with a creative way to curl her hair - by using a radiator. The shop assistant almost cancelled her plans when she realised that she could not find her curling iron. She suddenly came across the hot radiator in her room and realised that it could be an alternative. Putting herself in awkward position bending to the ground, she twisted her long blonde hair around the copper pipe and within just 20 minutes she had gorgeous bouncy curls.

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Pictures garnered over 22000 likes and shares

She captured pictures of her hair and posted them on Facebook. It garnered around  22,000 likes and shares.
She said that she almost cancelled her plans to go out until she realised that the radiator pipe could work. She was shocked when it worked. She said that its a good hack for someone who has lost their curlers. She revealed that she sat on the floor and tried to curl her hair around it. When she looked at the mirror and decided that it was working, she decided to carry on.

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Its quicker and saved time: Kendall

She said that it took 20 minutes to curl up her hair which normally takes 40 minutes when she uses the curling iron. She said that it is quicker and she has saved time and energy. She added that the curls remained all night and through the next day. She also said that her friends were really impressed and took pictures of her because they could not believe her. They said that they were impressed by her technique and vowed to try it. She compared it to her curlers and said that normally she burns herself and sees steam rising from her hair when she uses her curling iron, but it did not happen when she used the radiator pipe. She concluded that it must mean it's also less damaging to her hair.

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