Toddler Unamused By Halloween Spider In Hilarious Video Goes Viral

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A video of a toddler has gone viral social media where he is seen unamused by a Halloween spider that was meant to scare it and starts hitting it instead.

Written By Avantika Shukla | Mumbai | Updated On:

A video of a toddler has been shared widely on social media where he is seen unamused by a Halloween spider. The adorable clip of the child not getting scared by something that is meant to scare people has gone viral. The viewers of the video are amused as such behaviour from a toddler is not expected generally. The video has been shared on social media platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp etc. The video was originally shared by a Facebook account named 'Frank Frank' on October 13.

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What's in the video?

The video has been viewed over 22 million views on Facebook alone since Sunday. The 15-second video shows the toddler at a place which probably appears to be a supermarket. The toddler is carefully looking at an animatronic spider and starts patting it when it suddenly jumped towards it. The toddler instead of getting afraid of it starts hitting it as an instant reaction. The person who is most likely making the video asks Charlie not to do that but that doesn't stop him from continuing his action. Charlie hits it as he is heard saying “let me hit him” and then his guardian arrives and takes him away from it. Even towards the end of the video, the child can be heard saying that he wanted to hit the spider for a longer time. 

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Netizens react 

The video which is of 15 seconds has been shared over 900K times ever since it was uploaded on the social media site, Facebook. It received 206K likes on it and over 284K comments where people have shown their liking for the toddler. A user wrote, "Man I wish my 7yr old defended his self the way Charlie did the nerve of people to make that video into something negative". Another user reacted to the video saying, "I think it shows he can protect himself and would protect his family from something bad. Plus he was attacked first. He didn’t seem mad but scared and needed to handle the situation. And he handled it lol, very well!". A third user commented, " Wow really? My 4 year old would do the same thing and we don't even teach him so it's just something natural for kids to react like that sometimes. I thought it was hilarious and cute!". Another comment from a user was, "That is good! I loved it that is natural instinct and intelligence. He is so quick!". 

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