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Toddler Walks Out Of Apartment Window Along Fourth Floor Ledge, Watch Video

Reportedly, the incident took place when the toddler's mother was taking a shower in her apartment complex in the Playa Paraiso area of Tenerife in Spain.


In a terrifying video that is going viral on social media, a toddler can be seen climbing out of her fourth-floor window and walking across a tiny ledge towards the apartment's balcony. The video is going viral on various social media platforms ever since it was shared by a Facebook page 'I Love Tenerife'. Toddler's death-defying walk on the tiny ledge around side of a tower block was filmed by a horrified onlooker. Reportedly, the incident took place when the toddler's mother was taking a shower in her apartment in the Playa Paraiso area of Tenerife in Spain.

The horrifying video

In the video, the girl can be seen scurrying towards the flat's balcony while brushing her left hand on the wall. The unnamed toddler reaches a railing around the balcony but rather than climbing over the balcony to safety, the toddler starts to go back the way she came. The child jumps as she appears to lose her footing and races back along the ridge, before stopping at the window where the footage ends. Netizens were shocked to see the video and lashed at the toddler's mother for acting irresponsibly with a child of her age. 

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"Careless parents are to blame irresponsible. So happy that little angel will live to see the video another day and laugh," an angry user commented after watching the video. While another user called the video fake as he wrote, "I would say this is a fake. If you look at the way her feet meet the ground it has the same look as in bad cartoons. She's sliding, like a skier. Her steps do not perfectly match the distance travelled. Something about the window she climbs out of also looks a bit off and the whole protruding thing she's walking on also looks very odd from an architectural/structural point of view."

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Meanwhile, in other news, a cat pounced on a toddler and saved him from falling down the stairs. In the video, one can see a fat grey cat resting on the sofa when the baby starts moving towards the stairs after coming out of his cradle. The Siamese cat suddenly takes a long jump and pounces on the baby to protect him from falling off the stairs. The cat grabs the baby with his paws and later tightly holds on to him. The cat tries to change the direction of the baby’s movement by constantly pouncing at him and by holding the toddler with his front legs. 

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