Subway Sandwich: Check Out Ways To Make Some Lip Smacking Subway Sandwiches At Home


The Subway sandwich outlet has become a perfect go-to outlet to pick up quick on the run food. Read on to make some lip-smacking subway sandwich at home.

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subway sandwich

Subway Sandwich has become very popular over the years. The outlet has become a perfect go-to outlet to pick up quick on the run food. At times consuming too much outside food can get heavy on the pocket. Such times demand for a quick and easy way to prepare the same at home. Most restaurant-style dishes are hard to remake at home because of the complex ingredients required to prepare them. Subway sandwiches are quick, easy and require little effort to prepare at home. One can even make these and stock them up for the next day or week. Listed below is the ideal way to make a quick Subway at home.

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At home Subway sandwich recipe

Ingredients for a quick and easy subway sandwich:

  • Get some french baguette or bread of your choice. The Subway outlets prefer making bread on their own. One can either do that and make their own bread or pick one from the local stores.
  • Next, you would require cheese, olives, jalapenos, cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, onions, some gherkins,
  • For sauces, mustard, mayonnaise, and other sauces as per your preference. All the ingredients above are stated on a general basis. Though, one can tweak it up according to their palate preference. 

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To start on the subway sandwich, first, you will need a good choice of bread split into two pieces. You can add cheese as per choice and place it into the oven to toast your bread. Once done, add some salad as mentioned above, this is also the part where one can go ahead and add patties or meat as per choice. Once you are done with the salad, you can go ahead and add the sauces. You can add or subtract sauces as per your needs. The sauces to choose from would be mayonnaise, mustard, mint mayo, chipotle, southwest, ranch, and savory caesar. After you are done with that, you can add some salt and pepper as per your choice and enjoy your quick and easy subway sandwich at home.

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