Unique Pictures Of Rare Iridescent Clouds Captured In Serbia

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Unique pictures of rare optical phenomena of the clouds shared by photographer Kazina in breathtaking views of clouds reflecting light floating above mountains.

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Unique pictures

Svetlana Kazina, a local photographer from the mountain village of Uznezya in Russia's Altai Krai region has captured a unique and rare optical phenomenon of the clouds. Kazina, who shares breathtaking views of mountains and nature on her social media accounts posted mesmerizing pictures of Iridescent clouds on Instagram explaining the rarest optical activity to the audience.

Last month Svetlana went to Siberia's highest peak Belukha mountain where she clicked the beautiful pictures of Iridescent clouds also known as Rainbow Clouds that is a scientific phenomenon of light being reflected by the clouds in a similar technique like in the rainbow. In this rare optical phenomenon, very thin clouds appear in the colours of the rainbow.


A post shared by Svetlana Kazina (Ветка) (@svetlana_kazina_altai) on

Rare optical phenomenon of Iridescence in Russia

Kazina, posted the pictures on Instagram informing her audience of the rare event she was capturing, “Rare optical phenomenon of Iridescence in Russia, Altai Mountains that shows various and unusual types of clouds.” She further explained that “these types of clouds is perhaps one of the most visually unusual and is a rather rare optical phenomenon in which very thin clouds located near the Sun are painted in spectral colours.” Kazina explained that the phenomenon happened due to the diffraction of light on drops of clouds.

She wrote, “The clouds in my shots are so thin that they resemble lace rather than ordinary clouds, the wind power at this height was high and the pattern of cloud-weaving changed every second”. However, she captured the rare phenomenon “early in the morning on the mountain of Altai Mountains which is the highest mountain of Siberia - Belukha in December.”

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A post shared by Svetlana Kazina (Ветка) (@svetlana_kazina_altai) on

She informed the audience that the rare pictures would make one believe in miracles as in another portrayal of the rare and unusual phenomenon, Kazina captured the clouds reflecting the light from the moon in the dark night. She shared the unique photos on social media with a caption, “there can be Irisation on the condensation traces of aeroplanes and on clouds in the moonlight.” She further added, “to see the Rainbow clouds so bright, you need to look at them through sunglasses or through the polarizing filter of the lens, otherwise, you can damage your eyes from the brightness.” ⠀

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