Twitter Moves To Curb Manipulated Content Including 'Deepfakes'

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Twitter aims to reduce synthetic and manipulated media content that could deceive the citizens during elections campaigns or result in violence.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

Twitter has reportedly revealed a policy on Tuesday that aims to curb manipulated content including ‘deepfake’ videos in an initiative to combat misinformation. According to the reports, the policy was announced by Twitter to reduce synthetic and manipulated media content online that could deceive the citizens during elections campaigns and might result in any kind of violence.

Twitter will now label tweets warning the users of manipulation in the content or any alteration in the media shared online, as per media reports. Twitter will most likely remove the deceptive and fabricated videos pertaining to cause any harm to a person in accordance with Twitter’s guidelines.

The policy includes the removal of content that initiates stalking, unwanted or obsessive attention, and harmful material. Twitter’s policy reportedly extends beyond the physical harm of an individual and addresses any threat to privacy or a threat to the freedom of expression.  

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Policy to go into effect on March 5

Amid the growing concern about the altered content circulating online using artificial intelligence and other means to provoke unrest or deceive users, Twitter has reportedly announced that their policy would go into effect on March 5.

The policy will monitor and label manipulated photos edited using the software, videos and other media significantly deceptive, which gives the impression of an event that never occurred, suggest reports.

Del Harvey, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety told US media reporters that Twitter’s goal was to provide people with more context around certain types of media that they come across on Twitter and to ensure that people are able to make informed decisions around what they're seeing. He said that the new rule depicts that Twitter is trying to combat misinformation ahead of the 2020 US elections.

Del further told the reporters that the US intelligence community and lawmakers are tensed that deepfakes might be used to meddle with the presidential elections or US allies. Twitter had started collecting the users' feedback to draft the policy last year in the month of November.

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