Video Of Group Of Capybara Taking Warm Bath Is Winter Goals

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A yuzu-yu is a famous therapeutic bath in warm water with citrus fruits double in Vitamin C than lemons in japan and Korea at the start of winter solstice.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

The video of Capybaras taking a yuzu hot bath to celebrate Winter Solstice in Japan has left the internet enraptured. Capybaras that are a mammal native to South America are the largest living rodents in the world.

In a soothing video that has emerged on the social media, several of these rodents can be seen dousing in the aromatic bath with Yuzu fruits.A yuzu-yu is a famous therapeutic bath in warm water with citrus fruits double in Vitamin C than lemons in japan and Korea. It is a remedy for warding off flu and is usually taken at the start of winters for a rejuvenating and aromatic experience.

Capybaras afloat enjoying the warm yuzu bath

In the video shared by a user, the capybaras are afloat enjoying the warm yuzu bath, while a capybara can be seen drifting to the edge of the bath vessel feeling the warm stream of water wash through his face relishing the whole experience.

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The video has been shared widely online with 17.2k retweets and over 75.7k likes and the users have seemingly appeared to be envious of the Capybaras for such a nourishing and comforting bath in winters. One user commented a meme stating that wanted to go there, while another wrote that he wanted to be a capybara surrounded taking a yuzu hot bath in the winter as it is a one of a kind luxury, citing the mammals were very lucky. One user jumped straight to the point enquiring, how does one find the blissful place the capybaras were bathing at, he added that he was in fact asking for a friend.

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An individual wrote admiring the Capybaras’ citrus fruit bath privilege that he would like to soak in a yuzu bath all day much like they were enjoying. The rodents have won the internet with several users wishing that they were a capybara and had other humans for capybaras taking the delighful bath with them in a tub.


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