Australian Woman Finds Metal Piece In McDonald's Burger, Says 'nearly Broke My Tooth'

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A woman in Sydney was left horrified after finding a piece of metal in a Chicken and Cheeseburger from McDonald's which is the biggest food chain in the world.

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A woman in Sydney was left horrified after finding a piece of metal in a Chicken and Cheeseburger from McDonald's which is one of the biggest food chains in the world. The woman, Ada Teaupa, took to Facebook to share the pictures of the metal rod stuck inside the burger. She even said that she almost broke a tooth when she munched on the burger. 

She shared the pictures with s caption saying, “Look what I found in the chicken & cheese!! Nearly broke my tooth!!!! My 3-year-old niece ordered a chicken & cheese as well and thank god I didn’t give it to her yet!”. 

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While speaking to an international media outlet, Teaupa said that she felt her tooth biting into something hard and thought that it was a glass, however, it was a metal rod. A McDonald's spokesperson reportedly said that they were investigating the alleged incident and they were disappointed that it happened. The spokesperson further said that the company takes food safety very seriously and even have strict processes and systems in place. 

20-year-old McDonald's burger

In another strange incident, earlier this year, a man named David Whipple claimed that he had a McDonald's hamburger that he bought 20-years-ago and the burger even after so many years still looked the same. According to David, only the smell of the hamburger has changed in 20 years as it smells more like cardboard now. David kept the burger for so many years as he planned to use it for an experiment about enzymes.

Another man, back in 2009, bought a McDonald's meal to see how long it would take to decompose. The man bought the meal in 2009 when McDonald's announced that it was shutting down operations in Iceland. It's been more than 10 years since the hamburger was bought and according to Smarason, it still looks the same. The burger is kept in a glass cabinet in Snotra House, a hostel in southern Iceland. 

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