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This 20-year-old McDonald's Hamburger Still Looks Exactly Same

According to David, only the smell of the hamburger has changed in 20 years as it smells more like cardboard now. David bought the hamburger in July of 1999.


In a strange incident, a man named David Whipple claims that he has a McDonald's hamburger that he bought 20 years ago. The hamburger in the picture looks exactly like it was in 1999 when David bought it from a Logan (Utah) outlet. According to David, only the smell of the hamburger has changed in 20 years as it smells more like cardboard now. David kept the burger for so many years as he planned to use it for an experiment about enzymes. 

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Meat smells like cardboard

According to David, the meat in the burger smells like cardboard and apart from the sauce and pickle that have completely vanished, the burger looks exactly the way like it did years ago. David while talking to international media said that the burger got stuck in his coat pocket and moved from one place to another. At first, the coat got thrown in the back of his car and subsequently got hung up in his closet in Logan. When David moved from Logan to St George, it stayed there for a couple of years after which his wife found it when she was giving the coat away. 

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The burger originally went viral in 2013 after which it was kept in a tin box. A local media channel caught up with David and opened the box again to check the condition of the burger. The burger still looked the same and the only major difference according to David is that it has a faint cardboard smell now. 

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In a similar incident, a man named Hjortur Smarason bought a McDonald's meal in 2009 to see how long it would take to decompose. The man bought the meal in 2009 when McDonald's announced that it was shutting down operations in Iceland. It's been 10 years since the hamburger was bought and according to Smarason, it still looks the same. The burger is kept in a glass cabinet in Snotra House, a hostel in southern Iceland.  

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