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Zimbabwe: Woman Saves Her Child From Crocodile By Blocking Its Nose

The Runde River in Zimbabwe is infested with crocodiles that can grow up to 20 feet in length, and are most well documented to prey on humans.


In an unusual incident, a woman in Zimbabwe rescued her toddler from the clutches of a crocodile by blocking its nose with fingers, a media portal reported. Maurina Musisinyana, aged 30, had left her two children playing on the banks of the Runde river when her son Gideon was attacked by the reptile while she was away fishing. The boy shrieked as the crocodile dragged the toddler halfway into the river which prompted Maurina to the boy’s rescue. 

According to reports, the woman jostled with the creature to have her 3-year-old kid released, who, the crocodile had grabbed for a prey. Further using an unusual technique that saved her child’s life, she stuck her fingers up the crocodile’s nose choking its breath. The trick worked as the reptile let go of her son, it, however, bit Maurina’s hand.

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Rescued the child from jaws

The resident of Chiredzi was quoted as saying that she had heard from the elder people that the technique worked, therefore, she pressed the crocodile’s nose and tried to make it uncomfortable, international media reported. She added that the reptile loses its strength and felt threatened if one suffocated its nose. She snatched the child from the jaws of the crocodile by using the other arm, she further added saying.  

Having been treated at the hospital, Gideon is now recovering at home from the excessive bleeding and face injury, as per media reports. Maurina said that she could not believe that she had saved her child. The Runde River in Zimbabwe is infested with crocodiles that can grow up to 20 feet in length, and are most well documented to prey on humans, confirmed reports. Last year, the opportunist predator ate a 10-year-old boy in Southern Philippines. The boy was reportedly on a boat with two older siblings when he was snatched away by an enormous crocodile and his half-eaten remains were found in a mangrove swamp, according to reports. 

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