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China: Zookeepers Make Popsicles For Animals To Keep Them Cool During Summer

zookeepers in China have made popsicles for animals in order to keep them cool and engaged during summertime. It’s all part of the zoo’s enrichment efforts.


In the sweltering summertime, zookeepers in China have made popsicles for animals in order to keep them cool and engaged. The pictures were shared by People's Daily China on its official Twitter handle. In the pictures, one can see a giraffe, a hippopotamus and a bunch of lemurs enjoying the delicious treat provided by the zookeepers. The hippopotamus was given a watermelon, while the giraffe was treated with a mixed-fruit frozen block. It’s all part of the zoo’s animal enrichment efforts. The post has received over 200 likes since it was shared early this morning. 

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The post is attracting a lot of reactions from netizens who have flooded the timeline with comments admiring the adorable pictures of the animals. 


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Meanwhile, in an alarming video that went viral recently, a monkey was seen trying to 'kidnap' a child in broad daylight. The video which was shared by IFS Susanta Nanda, showed the monkey riding a cycle approaching a group of kids who are playing. As soon as he gets close to the children, he jumps off his bike and leaps onto a child. The child in the yellow t-shirt was then dragged for a good 30 feet before people ran in to intervene. As soon as he saw people approaching, the monkey ditched his kidnapping attempt letting the confused child go and ran away. 

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(Image Credit: @PDChina/Twitter)

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