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Fact Check: Is The Video Showing Animals Reclaiming The World Amid Lockdown True?

Fact Check on whether video titled 'animals reclaiming the world amid coronavirus lockdown' is true or a hoax. Read on for more clarity on authentic videos.

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Claim: Video showing how animals in various parts have started reclaiming the world during coronavirus lockdown.

Rating: Partly True

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What is the rumour about?

  • The video shows many animals roaming on the streets in different parts of the world since the streets are empty due to coronavirus lockdown, which is imposed throughout the world.
  • Take a look at the video on which the fact check has been done. 

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Who is spreading the rumour?

  • Social media forwards
  • Various news channels have also reported and confirmed many such occurrences in different parts of the world. 
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Google Trends Analysis

After an analysis of the Google Trends with respect to animals reclaiming the world rumour, one can see that the people have been hugely interested to know about the same. The maximum number of searches have been done on April 26, 2020. 

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Image courtesy: Google Trends

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Republic World did a fact check 

  • Republic World did a fact check and found that many clips attached in the video showing animals reclaiming the streets were Partly True. 
  • True occurrences from the clip that were seen after Coronavirus lockdown include - The video clip showing a kangaroo jumping in the capital city of Adelaide, Australia, an alligator strolling in South Carolina streets in the USA, It also shows sea lions in Mar Del Plata harbour in Argentina, a herd of sheep playing in a park in Raglan, the UK, group of deer lazing around in East London, UK, and monkeys swimming in Mumbai pool as well. Penguins can also be seen running on the empty streets of Simon's Town in South Africa, even ducks were seen strolling near the Comédie Française theatre in Paris, France, due to the empty streets. A cougar jumping on a wall in Santiago, Chile, otters in MarinaBay, Singapore, Nilgai was spotted in Noida, U.P. strolling through the streets, coyotes strolling in San Francisco beach, USA, and elephant strolling near homes in Kerala, India. All of these clips were rare sightings that were captured after the lockdown was imposed. Ostriches were also seen running in streets in West Bengal, India, Take a look. 

  • Common sightings - Brown bear in Monrovia, California, rhinoceros in Terai lowlands, Nepal, wild boars in Barcelona, lions in Skukuza golf club, mountain lions in Colorado, and even the herd of elephants in Thailand are common sightings that are observed throughout the year on occasions.

  • Before lockdown - Amongst the video montage that we are fact-checking, one clip showed javelina running in Arizona, the USA, which was clicked in February 2020, that was before the lockdown was imposed in the states.
  • Many parts of the world have actually observed animals roaming on the streets due to less crowd and noise pollution, amidst the current coronavirus lockdown throughout the major parts of the world. 

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Is there any rumour you want Republic World to do a fact check on? Do you have facts about a rumour? Share your pictures or videos with Republic World on or comment on this story itself. 

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