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Roman mosaic floor found under a vineyard in northern Italy; See pics

An ‘archaeological treasure under the vines’, a Roman mosaic floor has recently been discovered under a vineyard in northern Italy after decades of searching.

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A Roman mosaic floor has recently been discovered under a vineyard in northern Italy after decades of searching. While taking to Twitter Myko Clelland, who is a family historian, shared the images of the ‘biggest discovery’. In the photos, one can see technicians excavating the site to see the full extent of the ancient building. The images show the pristine mosaic as well as foundations of the villa. 

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‘Archaeological treasure under the vines’ 

The Surveyors in the commune of Negrar di Valpolicella north of Verona also published images of the well-preserved tiles buried under metres of earth. The officials also informed that the scholars first found evidence of a Roman villa there more than a century ago. The commune even called the Negrar an ‘archaeological treasure under the vines’. 

While sharing the images, the commune wrote, “The technicians of the Superintendence of Verona, with a targeted carrotage of the soil, are partially discovering the remains of the artefact still present under a few meters of the ground, with a precise objective: to identify the exact extension and exact location of the ancient construction”. 

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The officials also explained that the surveyors will liaise with the owners of the vineyard and the municipality to identify the most appropriate ways to make the archaeological treasure hidden under the feet available and accessible. They further added that the technicians will also need ‘significant resources; to finish the job. However, they informed that the local authorities have pledged to give ‘all necessary help’ to continue with the excavation. 

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Published May 27th, 2020 at 16:27 IST

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