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China 'not considering' providing military, technical aid to Russia amid Ukraine war

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Xi Jinping administration is not considering any form of military or technical support to Russia amid Ukraine war

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Xi Jinping administration is not considering any form of military or technical support to Russia as the latter intensifies the attack on Ukraine following its invasion on February 24, Ukrainian media reported. As per reports, the Chinese FM said that Beijing intends to continue its independent position in the Ukraine crisis.

China 'not considering' military or technical aid to Russia

Yi said that time will prove that China's position is on the right side of history. A statement issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "China will continue to make independent judgments based on the merits of the matter and in an objective and fair attitude. We will never accept any external coercion and pressure, and we also oppose any groundless accusations and suspicions against China."

He said that the priority is to press Russia and Ukraine for dialogue and negotiations. Wang said that the long-term solution is to abandon the Cold War mentality, refrain from engaging in group confrontation and build a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture for the region to realize lasting peace and security on the European continent.

So far, China has tried to maintain a neutral stand in the Ukraine crisis- it has nither criticized Russia's action nor clearly supported it. However, on several occasions, Beijing has backed Russia's claim that Ukraine was running chemical and biological weapons labs with US assistance.

UK PM Johnson pressures China over neutral stand; 'sitting on fence'

United Kingdom's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on China to denounce Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Johnson encouraged Beijing to come off the fence and denounce  Russian President Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine along with the rest of the world. 

"There are considerable dilemmas now for people who thought they could sit this one out, who thought they could sit on the fence. And, yes, I think that in Beijing you are starting to see some second thoughts," Johnson told the Sunday Times.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden held a two-hour video call with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. but there was little sign of a shift in Beijing's stance. On Saturday, a Chinese diplomat said that NATO should stick to what he claimed was a promise not to expand eastward. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Le Yucheng, criticised the far-reaching West sanctions imposed on Russia after it invaded Ukraine and said the root cause of the war in Ukraine “lies in the Cold War mentality and power politics.”

Echoing a Kremlin talking point, the Chinese envoy said if NATO's “enlargement goes further, it would be approaching the ‘outskirts of Moscow’ where a missile could hit the Kremlin within seven or eight minutes."


Published March 20th, 2022 at 19:48 IST

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