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Zelenskyy's top aide confident that UK to continue its support for Kyiv under Rishi Sunak

As Rishi Sunak became the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Oleksii Danilov, expressed confidence by saying that the next PM will support his nation

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As Rishi Sunak has become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Oleksii Danilov, Ukraine's national security council's head and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's most reliable senior adviser, expressed confidence by saying that the next PM will support his nation just the way Boris Johnson and Liz Truss did. During an exclusive interview with Sky News, Danilov said, “Britain has been helping us since the first days of the war".  

Oleksii Danilov further noted that when Johnson was the UK PM, he frequently spoke with the Ukrainian President. He said, “On the first day and in the most difficult days, he communicated constantly with him,” Sky News reported.  

While talking about the new Prime Minister, the national security council's head asserted, “I am more than sure that the next prime minister will do the same for our country, as Johnson and Truss did, and it will be a continuation of the great help that the people of Great Britain are doing.” 

Britain has provided Ukraine with assistance in the form of a joint family

Zelenskyy's most reliable adviser also claimed during the interview, “We have a great common cause, and we are aware that we are on the side of the light of the whole of Europe and the whole civilised world.” He emphasised that Britain has provided them with assistance in the form of a joint family in addition to military aid, training for their soldiers, and welcoming their refugees. He called the moral support crucial, stressing that it is "unsurpassed".

It is pertinent to mention that Indian-origin Rishi Sunak became the leader of the Conservative party and the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the race. Sunak has been chosen as the next leader of the British Conservative Party on Monday, October 24. 

In addition to this, during the interview, Oleksii Danilov said with confidence that the war will be won and that Russia will bear the costs of it. He even discussed the string of depressing challenges which includes the missiles and drones that have descended on several cities and towns, damaging vital infrastructure and endangering the country's power supply, Sky News reported.  

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defence reported in an intelligence update that Russia is still using Iran-made Shahed 136 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Ukraine to attack the infrastructure used by civilians. According to a warning from the British Ministry of Defense, Moscow's invading forces are sneaking past Ukrainian air defenses using Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs. As Moscow's arsenal has been running low due to the continuous offensive, the Shahed-136 is filling in for Russian-made long-range precision weaponry, according to the UK Ministry of Defense. The UK stated in its intelligence report that the Ukrainian efforts to block the UAVs had also been effective. 

Russian kamikaze drone suppliers from Iran have been subject to sanctions from the UK and the European Union (EU). On October 20, the EU official journal published a list of Iranian drone manufacturer Shahed Aviation Industries and at least three senior military figures who will be placed on the sanctions blacklist. 

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