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15th Century House In UK Where Harry Potter Was Shot Is Not Selling

The owners of the 15th century house where the hit movie series Harry Porter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed in 2010 cannot find a buyer for the property.

15th century

The owners of the house where the hit movie series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed in 2010 cannot find a buyer for the property despite its starring role in the hit movie series. The 15th century De Vere House in Lavenham, Suffolk, has been on sale for the market for more than two and a half years. The price of the property has been slashed by nearly £50,000. The six-bedroom Grade 1 listed house where Lord Voldemort murdered the Potter's parents is currently up for sale for £950,000.

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Popular tourist hotspot

The house is a popular tourist hotspot that attracts a lot of visitors. The owners of the house, Tony and Jane Ranzetta didn't even benefit from the picture-postcard home's appearance in the 2010 film as crews did not need permission to shoot the exterior. 
They realized that their property has been used in the film when they went to see the film at the cinema. Ranzetta, 58, a retired NHS executive said that once when he was asleep his son woke him up telling him that their house is on screen.

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Owners rented out three bedrooms for £120 a night

He replied that it is rubbish but when he actually took a glance at the TV he realized that their property is on screen. He found that the parish council had given permission for filming in the village and it was filmed when the family was vacationing in France. Since then, the fans have flocked around the house to click pictures. He added that sometimes people used to knock the door and ring the bell and they happily talked about the history of the building. The owners have spent to modify their house. Moreover, they rent out three bedrooms and breakfast, charging couples £120 a night. 

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