Automatic Doorbell Captures Meteor Streaking Across The Sky & Exploding In UK

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Automatic doorbell camera has miraculously captured an exploding meteor in Derby, in the United Kingdom. The camera captured the meteor exploding in the sky.

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Automatic doorbell

A man's doorbell camera has miraculously captured an exploding meteor in Derby, in the United Kingdom. According to reports the homeowner that received a notification on his cell phone informing him of suspicious activity. The home-owner was surprised to find out the suspicious activity was actually a meteor crashing down and exploding in mid-air.

Meteor captured on the doorbell camera

Gary Roger's doorbell camera shows footage of the meteor streaking across the sky before breaking up into smaller pieces. According to experts, the meteor was most probably a phenomenon called a bolide. A bolide is a large meteor that is usually very bright and explodes in the atmosphere.


In related news, Scientists for the first time have discovered fast radio signals from outer space that are beating at a steady 16-day cycle. Reports have indicated that the signal is coming from the outskirts of a distant galaxy. It is being estimated that the galaxy is 500 million lightyears away.

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While the detection of Fast Radio Burts (FRB) are rare they have occurred in the past but this will be the first instance that scientists have discovered these signals in steady periodic bursts. This discovery could be a major step forward in discovering the origin of these signals. 

FRB was first discovered back in 2007, it is believed that the powerful radio bursts are produced by energetic sources but scientists are unsure about their source. FRB's can be of two types, they can either be one-offs or what is known in the scientific community as 'repeaters'.  One-offs appear only once but repeaters emit multiple flashed to Earth.

According to their paper published in later January, the cyclic FRB they detected was the first of its kind and they considered it to be an important clue in the future identification of the source of the sound.

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