British-Indians Claim Their Campaign Influenced 70 Seats In UK Elections

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British Indians residing in London claim that they played a crucial role in the UK general elections by influencing at least 70 seats in favor of Conservatives

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

The British Indians residing in London claim that they played a crucial role in the UK general elections. They managed to gather hundreds of volunteers to campaign against the Labour Party and its agenda. They say that due to their election campaign the Conservatives were able to secure at least 70 seats in their election win. 

British Indian help in influencing 70 seats 

Around 600 people of Indian origin residing in London led a nationwide campaign called BHIVM (British Hindu and Indian Votes Matter) to gather British Indian and the non-British Indian to campaign against the Labour Party. The campaign was to display the anger of the people against the anti-Indian stance of the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. 

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One of the volunteers said that the campaign majorly covered the places outside the bounds of London like Midlands, North, South West and Wales. The team of volunteers worked for the past three months and were able to identify more than 80 seats which and 30 marginal seats which were easy targets for the Indian diaspora to influence and seek votes in favour of the Conservatives. The data reveals that 22 seats where the Labour Party was defeated, 29 seats where the conservatives got a chance to enhance their majority and 20 plus seats where the majority of the Labours was evidently reduced. 

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The group of campaigners used the traditional methods as well as social media for election promotions. They went door to door to ask for votes at the same time used social media to spread awareness about the agendas of the Labour Party and that of the Conservatives. There were 250 people involved in the social media campaign and used the platform to spread information about the policies of the Labour Party, their resolution on Kashmir etc. The campaign eventually led to open debates and discussions on social media. 

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