British Man Goes Off On Xenophobic Rant, Netizens Call Him Out

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A man in Britain, in an apparent military attire, went off on a xenophobic rant against people present at a ‘Not My Prime Minister protest’ on December 14.

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A man in Britain went off on a xenophobic rant against people present at a ‘Not My Prime Minister' protest on December 14. The man, in an apparent military attire, said the protesters that it’s not their country. Protesters were holding a march in central London chanting ‘not my prime minister’ and held placards that read ‘Defy Tory Rule’ and ‘Refugees welcome’.

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“It's not your country because your forefathers come from where ever you said have come from...My heritage comes from 4-5 generations British people,” said the man. 

He continued the rant saying, “You've come in here because of a war situation [...] they say 'we're under war' and we need to be protected. My dad was put on a train and sent to the countryside in this country. My granddad went to war. But you lot in your own country, when there's a war, you 'plead poverty' and come here 'you need to help us!' We don't *** need to help no one!”

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Diversity of the UK

The racial slur and xenophobic rant came as a shock to the advocates of inclusiveness since an average UK resident, according to a DNA company, is 36.94 per cent British, 21.59 per cent Irish and 19.91 per cent Western European. Social media slammed the man for his comments and asked him to first demand Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of Indian origin, to be kicked out.

“He doesn’t seem to realise that his grandfather was fighting against fascists like him so it’s so ironic,” wrote a user. “So this is what the Armed forces Spews out of its ranks........Someone needs to have chat with Toy soldier Tommy and tell him his special ops mission ended 20 years ago (sic),” commented another user on the video posted by a journalist Jason Parkinson.

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