Hugh Grant Next PM? Fans Turn 'Love Actually' Scene Into Election Meme

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'Love Actually' has become an icon with people coming up with their own version of memes and some mocking that Hugh Grant will be the next PM of Britain.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Hugh Grant

Richard Curtis’ classic 2003 movie, Love Actually that revolves around the lives and loves of a range of characters in the run-up to Christmas, has become a famous British icon. It has been featured in a range of internet memes all these years. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also mimicked a famous scene in his latest party political broadcast. Johnson and the majority of mainstream media predicted that this would be the Brexit Election. A series of unfortunate events have decreed that the 2019 scrap for Britain's government will be remembered throughout history. A Twitter user wrote, "Politics nerds, when was the last time we had a UK election very close to Christmas?”

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Hugh Grant next PM?

Someone soon replied with a gif of Hugh Grant’s character in Love Actually with Prime Minister David who wins a pre-Christmas election. The left-wing activists were at it first superimposing the Labour policy onto the cards. They were followed by Tooting MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who re-enacted the entire scene in an election campaign video. People mocked that Hugh Grant is the perfect storm of celebrity glamour and also offers the opportunity for members of the UK public who love to be subjugated by a member of an elite ruling class. 

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