Larry Sanders On How Adolf Hitler, Franklin D Roosevelt Influenced Him, Bernie

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Larry Sanders elaborated on how he and his brother, Bernie Sanders' political ideologies have been influenced by Adolf Hitler and Franklin D Roosevelt.

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Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders, the British politician has elaborated how he and his brother, the Democratic Presidential candidate in the United States, Bernie Sanders became politically active due to one of the history's most infamous dictators and a former US President. While speaking to a British news outlet, Larry said that the “two very big political figures” that influenced the brothers in their childhood were Adolf Hitler and Franklin D Roosevelt. 

The member of Green Party in the UK further added that he and Bernie were Jewish kids growing up in Brooklyn and heard from their parents about the situation of their family in Poland as well as across Europe. Because of which according to Larry they “always knew that politics was not a game”.

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Furthermore, according to international reports, Larry also credited their political awakening to president Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal which responded to the needs for relief, reform and recovery after the Great Depression. The British politician said that the New Deal was the sign that livelihood could be improved by “an act of intelligent government” that can ensure social security. 

UK and US politics for Larry

While talking to the international media outlet, Larry even mentioned 'a lot of similarities' between politics in both countries, UK and the US. He mentioned that there is 'extreme income inequality' and that Washington is worse, while London according to him, comes second. The Green Party member thinks that even though Britain is facing certain issues, the people still 'haven't got a Trump' and UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has a chance if he tries. 

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Larry also believes that if Democrats are led by his brother, they 'will win'. However, if the party is led by any other 'soft middle-of-the-roader', they might have a hard time defeating Republican US President Donald Trump. 

Larry's comments came as the US Senator Bernie Sanders declared victory in New Hampshire on February 11 after securing a narrow lead over Pete Buttigieg in the state's Democratic primary. Sanders who led the polls with 26 per cent and 90 per cent of the precincts reporting. After his triumph, Sanders said that his victory is the start of US President Donald Trump's end. The US Senator also called it the 'beginning of a revolution' and credited the Americans for his win.   

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