London Bridge Attacker's Alleged Pakistan-Kashmir Link: DETAILS Here

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According to security agencies in the UK, London Bridge attacker Usman Khan reportedly had roots in Kashmir and Pakistan, he is also believed to be radicalised

Written By Shawan Sen | Mumbai | Updated On:

Sensational details have emerged about 28-year-old London Bridge attacker Usman Khan - a British national with a Pakistan and Kashmir link. Khan murdered two people and injured three more in the attack on London Bridge on Friday, November 29. But this was not the first time that he attempted to wage war against the United Kingdom. In 2012, Khan was convicted by a UK court for plotting a “Mumbai-style” attack in the United Kingdom. Considered as a “serious jihadist” by UK courts, Khan had travelled to Pakistan where he received training in the FATA area. He was staying with his mother as she was unwell. After his return to the UK, he started preaching extremism through the Internet.

Usman Khan’s details were shared with all policing agencies after London Police found out that he had travelled to Pakistan and was radicalised in the tribal areas. Agencies were informed that the cell had plans to establish and operate a terrorist military training madrassa in Pakistan. The cell had plans of operating in Kashmir. Usman Khan’s family had land in Kashmir where a mosque was already operating. They had plans to establish and recruit for a terrorist military training facility under the cover of a madrassa.

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Accused Usman admits of trying to raise funds for building a Madrassa

When they pleaded guilty before a London court, Usman admitted to the following that they were trying to raise funds to build a Madrassa beside an already existing mosque in Kashmir. Secondly, their long term plan included making the madrassa available for men who would be fighting to bring Sharia to Kashmir in Pakistan. They also had plans of firearm training in or around the madrassa. They wanted to carry out a Mumbai style attack by sending parcel bombs to major targets in the UK. But the plan was dropped as it was not feasible.

From the material evidence provided before a London court, the judge was convinced that Usman Khan and Nazan Hussain were to attend the madrassa and were themselves keen to perform acts of terrorism in Kashmir.

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Republic TV has accessed the court judgment whereby Usman was convicted. It reads, “The written basis of plea is that they were fundraising to build a Madrassa next to an already existing Mosque in Kashmir in Pakistan. The plan was to make that Madrassa available for men who would be fighting to bring Sharia to that region. Such people would receive firearms training at the Madrassa. It is now clear that the plan would involve Usman Khan and Nazam Hussain attending the Madrassa from early January for that purpose.”

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