This Cutlery Company Makes Knives With Blunt Tips To Curb Knife Crime In UK

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A UK-based company Viners recently created a range of knives 'Assure collection' with blunt ends instead of a sharp point to tackle crime-related incidents

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A UK-based company Viners recently created a range of knives with blunt ends instead of a sharp point. According to reports, the cutlery and kitchenware company's decision comes after crime reports showed that police officials had recorded 44,000 cases involving a knife from October 2018-June 2019. The reports showed a seven per cent increase in crime with these recorded incidents.

Assure collection

According to the office for National Statistics, the number of crime-related incidents involving knives was at its peak since 2010. The range of knives with blunt ends has been titled 'Assure Collection' and has been designed in response to the rising crime rates. The knives have properly been tested to ensure that the blunt tip does not pierce the skin in a knife attack.

In an address, Viners said that because of an increase in crime-related incidents and a recorded 285 casualties in the last one year, the British government has taken the decision to classify kitchen knives under the offensive weapons category in the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

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Knives created with regards to the new legislation

The company said that the new range has been created with regards to the new legislation, with them testing a new knife that will be useful for a cook but is specifically shaped to reduce and prevent potential accidents. According to reports, knives have been priced at £3.99 and £5.99, depending upon the kind of knife a person wants. Although, a set of four knives will cost someone a sum of £15.99. People will be able to purchase the knives from Dunelm, a homeware retailer. Viners will start selling the collection on its official website from February 16.

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019, is an act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The weapons act acknowledges crime related to knife crime prevention orders, sale and possession of knives and other weapons classified under the offensive weapons category. It was initially introduced to the British parliament as a government bill by Sajid Javid and Baroness Williams of Trafford of the Home Office.

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