'Tory Hunger Games' Is Trending On Twitter, Meet The Man Behind It

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Politicians in the United Kingdom are being 'reaped' on Twitter for taking part in the Tory Hunger Games. The actual game will take place from February 6-9.

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Tory Hunger Games

Politicians in the United Kingdom are reportedly being 'reaped' on Twitter for taking part in the Tory Hunger Games. Two representatives from 13 Conservative factions have been tagged in the Tory Hunger Games post and will apparently be competing in February. The account was created after infighting over the direction of the Conservative Party broke amongst different factions of the party after their election win. According to the creator, the actual game will be in style of a Hunger Games simulator and will take place on February 6-9 this year. 

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The viral twitter handle

The account's creator was inspired by the secret Tory group chats that operate on the platform. According to international media reports, James Yucel, an 18-year-old Tory Party member from Ipswich is behind the viral Tory Hunger Games. Yucel is studying History at Glasgow University and was an election officer for Tory MP Tom Hunt and has interned with other Tory MPs. According to Yucel, the intention behind the setting-up of the account was to figure out whether a particular Tory was Blukip or a Liberal. Yucel is reportedly a staunch supporter of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

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James Yucel was part of different Tory chat groups where he saw them bitching about other factions. As probably the only person in the group not entrenched in a faction, Yucel decided to create the Tory Hunger Games. After Yucel decided to make a graph of every prominent Tory, separated into their factions he figured out that there are 12 factions that mirrored with the 12 districts in the Hunger Games, so he went on from there. 

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Conservatives won a thumping majority in the recently concluded general election in the United Kingdom that saw controversial leader Boris Johnson getting elected as Prime Minister. The Conservatives won 365 seats in the lower house of the British Parliament following which they started bitching about each other on chat groups formed by different factions, said Yucel.  

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