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UK PM Sunak Has Electrical Grid Refitted To Accommodate His Heated Pool: Reports

According to reports, Sunak's new private heated swimming pool uses so much energy that local electricity network had to be upgraded to meet its power demands.

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Megha Rawat

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While most Brits claim to have used less energy this year as a result of rising costs, electrical upgrades reportedly required by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's extravagant preferences have raised a few eyebrows. 

According to a new report, a half-million pound heated swimming pool established on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's manor estate uses extensive energy that workers had to modify the local's electrical supply to accommodate it.

According to UK media, "Additional equipment was recently installed in a distant area of North Yorkshire to supply extra capacity from the National Grid to the Prime Minister's constituency home" as residents across the United Kingdom strive to cut their energy usage amid skyrocketing rates.

According to UK media, “Engineers had to install a substantial amount of equipment and a new connection to the National Grid that runs across open fields following Sunak’s construction of a new heated swimming pool, gym and tennis court in the grounds of the manor house he occupies at weekends."

The 40-foot swimming pool for the prime minister is reportedly going to be completed. However, a number of local pools are being forced to reduce their hours of operation due to rising energy prices, which have risen nationwide as a result of the government's anti-Russian sanctions.

Earlier this week, the UK's Office for National Statistics released a report which stated that electricity prices in the UK rose by 66.7% and gas prices by 129.4% in the 12 months to January 2023. The report further stated that almost 6 in 10 adults are using less fuel in their homes because of the rising cost of living. 

A swimming pool in North Yorkshire which is a half hour's drive from the prime minister's $2 million estate, declared last month that it would be restricting or eliminating public access due to the mounting cost of energy.

This week, it was apparently indicated by a House of Commons culture select committee that "350 pools had closed or reduced their hours due to energy expenses."

According to reports, Chris Porter, the regional director for Community Leisure UK (CLUK), a trade association that represents the operators of 880 swimming pools nationwide, claimed that the facility he manages has seen an increase in electricity costs of £7,500 per month and that's just for one site.

Speaking to media, Chris Porter further said,  “We are looking at a 200% rise in utility costs across the board. We are far from alone in facing these problems. Across the board, leisure trusts need help in dealing with them. Without Government support, communities will suffer. People’s health and wellbeing will suffer.”

Porter further added that once swimming pools close, it is incredibly difficult to ever reopen them. 

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