US Democratic Voters Would Prefer Meteorite Strike Over Trump's Re-election: Poll

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Democrat voters would prefer meteorite striking the earth and destroying everything over Donald Trump's re-election, a recent poll found.

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As the day of US presidential election nears, the tension between the Democrats and the Republicans has surged. Recently, an online poll conducted by a New Hampshire University reiterated the partisan divide. The results of the poll suggested that majority of the New Hampshire Democrats would want that ‘a giant meteor strikes the earth, extinguishing all human life’ than Donald Trump getting re-elected. 

The poll was conducted by the University of Massachusetts Lowell between January 28 and 31 and an online polling organization YouGov polled a data set of 400 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters with a margin of error of 6.4 per cent. The results were released earlier on Monday. 

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Majority disapproved of Trump's job

The poll asked all likely Democratic voters in New Hamshire about their opinion on President Trump. Ninety- five per cent of the voters disapproved of Trump’s job. Another question which was put to them was what outcome would they choose to happen on Nov 3, 2020, the day of the election, ‘a meteorite strikes earth’ or ‘President Trump winning re-election’. 62 per cent replied that they would prefer the meteorite. 

The poll also found that preference for the eventual Democratic presidential nominee is ‘wide open’  with 23 per cent of likely voters supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, 22 per cent supporting former Vice President Joe Biden, and 19 per cent supporting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, all within the margin of error. The poll concluded the race is ‘too close to call.’ It also found that a large portion of likely voters said they might still change their minds.

Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies reported Russian, Chinese, and Iranian influence operations targeting last year’s midterms, and a senior FBI official recently singled out Beijing as a particular source of concern. Microsoft recently reported that Iranian hackers had targeted an unidentified presidential campaign along with government officials, journalists, and prominent expatriate Iranians.

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