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Doorbell Camera Shows Man Being Abducted By Aliens, Here's The Twist

A video has surfaced on social media where a couple's doorbell camera gave an extraterrestrial twist to their day as it shows the man being abducted by aliens.


A video has surfaced on social media where a couple's doorbell camera gave a strange extraterrestrial twist to their day after a glitch in the footage looked like one of them was abducted by aliens. The video is being widely shared on various social media platforms and netizens are not being able to fathom what they saw on the footage. 

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So-called abduction video

The hilarious video is from Porter, Texas and was shot last month. The video shows a man leaving his house before a glitch in the footage forced him to disappear in a flash of light. According to international media, the unnamed man in the video said that the incident took place on December 27. When the man and his fiancee started looking through their videos recorded by Ring, they found a weird glitch. The man's fiancee told him, "Look Ring had you abducted by aliens or you just been part of the rapture! Either way, it was really funny!"

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Although the couple had no doubt that it was all down to a technical glitch that occurred in their doorbell camera, netizens on social media were not ready to accept the fact. The video saw many laughable comments since it was uploaded on January 2. One of the users commented, "He claims it was a glitch with the camera, or is it just what the government wants you to hear." The video has garnered more than 80,000 views on YouTube and has been liked 92 times at the time of publishing this story. 

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In another video, a Ring camera from Jason Sawyer's home captured the moment when a hurricane lifted his North Carolina home from its foundation. Jason was going through videos his Ring camera had captured during the hurricane and that is when he saw the tornado forcing his house off its foundation. Luckily, Jason was at his other property when the incident took place. 

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