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Video Of Employee Taking Bath In Restaurant's Kitchen Sink Disgusts Netizens

Employee at the American fast food restaurant chain Wendys at Greenville, Michigan was seen getting in the oversized kitchen sink to take a bath.


A video of an employee from the American fast food restaurant chain Wendys, Greenville, Michigan has reportedly gone viral on the internet where he can be seen taking a bath in the sink. The video that has surfaced online was reportedly shared on Facebook by an individual named Connor Somerfield.

Originally posted on TikTok, the clip was later shared on Facebook with a caption that warned the customers to think twice before heading to the Wendys. In the video, a young man is seen getting in the restaurant’s oversized kitchen sink while another man who is seen wearing Wendy’s uniform can be heard saying, “Wash yourself.”

The video has grossed out some users on social media, while others have left a hilarious response on the post. “The number of people saying it's ok will probably find hair in their food and still eat it”, said an aggravated user. “Do you want to get fired? That’s how you get fired”, wrote another. “And these people want $15/hour. I don't think so”, wrote another user in anger condemning the employee’s conduct.

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Users find it comical

Some users that joked about the incident asked the employee to take a bath at home. “It's really alright, and that is certainly all commercial equipment he's using and the equipment nearby. However, it may not be a real Wendy's most likely a rival restaurant trying to set Wendy's up for a fail”, justified a customer to the Wendys. “It’s a sink for dirty dishes and you wanna talk about a person bathing in it being gross, lmao let’s go to your house; this is hilarious”, wrote another user.

In a similar incident last year, an employee, also at Wendy's, reportedly jumped into the industrial sink to take a shower and was fired by the outlet. The video was recorded by the employee’s colleague and was widely shared on the internet.

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