Moscow Envoy Jokes About 'secret' Russia Room In White House

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Moscow's Ambassador to the UNSC jokes about the presence of a 'secret' Russia room. The remark was made after seeing the China room in the White House.

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Moscow's Ambassador jokes about the presence of a 'secret' Russia room

During a lunch hosted at the White House for members of the United Nations Security Council, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya upon seeing the China room in the White House remarked that he was sad that they did not get to see the Russia room. Nebenzya then added that maybe the Russia room is 'secret'. His remarks drew laughter from all those present.

Perhaps the Russia room is 'top secret'

Before the lunch for the members, the US President Donald Trump gave his guests a tour of the White House and that is when they saw the China room within the White House. The room within the White House that is called China room is used to house the White Houses collection of porcelain and not the country but Nebenzya was obviously using smart wordplay to make a witty remark. Nebenzya also added that probably the Russia room existed but was actually a 'top secret'.

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In reply to Nebenzya's comments, the Chinese ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun thanked President Trump for his hospitality and added that during a tour of the white house they got the opportunity to see many rooms within the White House such as the green one, the red one and even the China Room. His remarks again drew laughter from the gathered crowd.

China and Russia have always been closely tied to Trump's presidency. Trump is embroiled in a major trade war with China, the conflict between the world's two largest economies began in 2018. Besides, the Chinese Foreign Minister recently in a meeting with South Koreas President heavily criticised the United States' 'Cold War' way of thinking referring to the instalment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea. On the Russian front, ever since his elections, he has been under question regarding his links to Moscow and their alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

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