New York Performance Artist Ate $120K Banana At Art Basel Exhibition

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A New York performance artist ate the $120K banana at Art Basel exhibition. David Datuna called his act "Hungry Artist" eating Maurizio Cattelan ’s “Comedian".

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The famous $120,000 banana at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami Beach was eaten by a New York-based performance artist. The incident was caught in the camera by a visitor at the museum who has posted it on Instagram, in turn, making it viral. As per reports, David Datuna made a last supper out of the fruit, prying Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” — a banana duct-taped to a wall — loose, peeled it open, and then devoured it. Though the Gallery owners reported about him to the security, he slipped off.


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Datuna said that banana was 'delicious'

Speaking to a New York Publication late on Datuna said that the banana was 'delicious'. When asked if it was better than a regular banana, he answered that it was so adding that he could eat the banana and the concept of the banana — because he is an artist and not a regular human. Perrotin Gallery partner Peggy Leboeuf told the media that while he was eating the art one of the onlookers shouted that he was not supposed to touch the art. Yet Datuna had something very interesting to explain his actions as he told the media that it was not about the art piece but his act of eating was an art performance. He added that he loved the Italian creator of the art, Maurizio Cattelan saying that one artist eats another artist is fun. 

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Datuna named his act of eating the banana as 'Hungry Artist'.

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Meanwhile, the gallery has insisted that the piece lives on. Spokesman Lucien Terras told the media that he did not eat the art work as the banana is the idea. The artwork came to limelight when a French collector purchased it for $120,000. The artwork became so popular that its creator Cattelan promptly created two more works of fruit.

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