Sports Fan Raises $1 Million While Asking For 'Beer Money'

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Carson King, a sports fan made a signboard asking money for beer and landed up making one million dollars which he later donated to a children's hospital

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Carson King, a sports fan made a signboard asking money for beer and landed up making $1 million which he later donated to a children's hospital. The Iowa man held a poster which read, “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished”, at the ESPN's 'College GameDay' on September 14. He also included his Venmo username at the bottom for the nation to see. As soon as King's plan of donating the money went viral, Busch Beer and Venmo reportedly raised the stakes by pledging to match his contribution. King was able to raise approximately $1 million including the contribution made by Venmo and Busch Beer.


Unexpected reward

King reportedly told local media that he didn't expect anyone to send money and definitely didn't expect himself to be on TV. He further added that he was just hoping to get a couple of laughs. Within 30 minutes, King was able to raise $400 and the minute his account hit $600 he tweeted that he would subtract the amount of one Busch Light case and donate the rest of the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. The 24-year-old will be accepting donations until the end of the month. On Monday in a tweet, he said, “We just passed 1.1 Million Dollars in total contributions for UI children! I can't thank Busch Beer and Venmo enough for everything they are doing for us. We're still going till the end of the month for the kids.” 

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'Carson King Busch Light'

The UI Stead Family children's hospital replied to his tweet, “We can't think- our minds are blown by all of this! Thank you to everyone who helped reach this milestone! We're so grateful!”. The beer company has also reportedly offered King a year's free supply of beer and cans designed to include a picture of his face, with his name and the words 'Iowa legend' embedded across the beer can. A petition is reportedly being signed across the country encouraging Busch Light to stock cans of 'Carson King Busch Light' in all the stores throughout Iowa to remind people to donate to his campaign. 

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