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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Unfollows POTUS Trump & Successor Joe Biden Post US Elections

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has reportedly unfollowed President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. He has also unfollowed Kamala Harris and the President's daughter Ivanka


Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has unfollowed President of the United States Donald Trump's personal account just a few weeks ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Oddly, he has unfollowed Biden as well, along with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Ivanka Trump, according to the Twitter account @BigTechAlert. 

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Is President Trump losing Followers? 

Trump, an active user of Twitter has lost 368,743 followers, whereas Biden, in the same time frame has gained about 2.5 million followers since November 17, bringing his follower count to 21.6 million,  according to, a website that tracks Trump’s public statements, reports New York Post.  

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This comes after Twitter began warning users when they attempt to 'like' a disputed tweet as part of its efforts to tackle misinformation around the US presidential election, the result of which was contested by President Trump and Joe Biden.Twitter this year started adding warning labels to some of Trump's tweets, including misinforming tweets about the November 3 election. The President has repeatedly accused Twitter of having a Left Wing bias in their content moderation, though Trump is hardly a paragon for unbaised actions.

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During his presidency, Trump has been extremely active on Twitter, issuing quick statements from the account, insulting opponents, and even announcing policy decisions from the platform. Once Biden takes office, Twitter has said Trump will lose certain protections provided to world leaders by the micro-blogging site, subjecting him to the same rules as ordinary users.

In October, this year, President Donald Trump's Twitter account was allegedly hacked by a Dutch researcher named Victor Gevers who had shared screenshots of inside The President's account. However, the White House had denied reports of any hack. 

Donald Trump is currently serving his last few weeks as the President of the United States before Joe Biden takes over the Oval office next year after swearing-in as the next elected president of the country. 

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