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Trump Finally Admits Biden Won Election But Refuses To Concede, Tweeple Say 'just Give Up'

After Trump admitted that his rival Joe Biden has "won" the election, Twitter erupted with reactions as people were relieved to see him "finally" admitting.


After Donald Trump admitted that his rival Joe Biden has "won" the election, Twitter erupted with reactions as people were relieved to see the president "finally" admitted. The Republican leader, who had so far just refused to accept he lost, posted a tweet on Sunday, where admitted his opponent Joe Biden beat him at the presidential election. Even though the post was ridden with ifs and buts, netizens were thrilled at Trump's belated acknowledgement. 

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Trump shared a Fox News video of host Jesse Watters casting doubt on Biden's win. Trump levelled a series of accusations in his tweet as he accepted Biden's victory. Trump alleged vote watchers and observers were not allowed while ballots were being counted, pushing the Dominion conspiracy theory, which has already been debunked several times.

Trump's post has been marked by Twitter as disputed information, which is just one among many of his tweets since the election concluded on November 3. Here's what netizens have to say about Trump's latest tweet: 

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US media outlets on November 7 projected Joe Biden as President-elect after he managed to secure a massive lead in the key swing state of Pennsylvania. The former vice-president was just short of six electoral votes before he took the lead in Pennsylvania, which offers 20 seats to the candidate with more popular votes. With Pennsylvania, Biden surpassed the magic 270-mark needed to win the US Presidential election. 

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The Trump campaign and the Republican National Convention (RNC) filed lawsuits in several states challenging the counting of late-arriving ballots. Donald Trump accused the poll officials in the disputed states of "illegally" counting postal ballots that arrived after 8 p.m on the final voting day. However, experts argue that poll officials were following a court order that had allowed counting of postal ballots for three additional days after November 3 unless stamped on the final voting day or before. 

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