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Two New Dog Breeds Officially Recognised By The American Kennel Club

The AKC on December 6 announced that two breeds Barbet and Dogo Argentino were being added to their list of recognised dog breeds after meeting the requirements


The American Kennel Club on December 6 announced that two breeds Barbet and Dogo Argentino were being added to their list of recognised breeds. According to reports, the Barbet is an archetypic water dog from France with a friendly nature and a furry coat. The club further added that the French breed is loyal and likes to stay in close proximity to its owners.

AKC officially recognises two new dog breeds

The Dogo Argentino breed has been classified as a pack-hunting dog breed in Argentina. It is said that the dog was initially bred to hunt big animals such as mountain lions and boars. The AKC classifies it under the working category. The Kennel club also said that the dogs are courageous and have an affectionate nature towards their family.

The AKC said that Dogo Argentino is difficult to handle for a new dog owner because of the guarding and territorial instincts they possess. The Argentine breed has been identified as powerful and athletic. Also, they have been recognised as a breed with great lung capacity with a muscular body build. However, this breed needs to be maintained as their white coat needs weekly brushing.

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Process of getting recognised

The American Kennel Club recognises a breed only if there is a strength of 300 to 400 dogs in about 20 states. It is also stated that there needs to be a recognised and established breed club with owners and qualified breeders for the dog. After all of that, the breed becomes eligible to take part and compete in the Miscellaneous class, a class where dog breeds spend a period of three years. From there, the dog breed can get official recognition, enabling it to be a part of AKC events and all the clubs affiliated with it. With the addition of Barbet and Dogo Argentino to its registry, the American Kennel Club has 195 recognized breeds.

The AKC is a registry of purebred dog breeds in the United States of America. It also sanctions events such as the National Dog Show, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the AKC National Championship, an event sponsored by Royal Canin. Also, AKC is not part of the World Canine Organisation (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

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