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US Capitol Siege: Poll Suggests Most Americans Want Trump Out Before Biden’s Inauguration

According to ABC News/Ipsos poll, 56 percent of those surveyed want Trump to be removed before inauguration day, while 67 percent held him responsible for riots

US Capitol Siege

In the aftermath of the US Capitol siege, a majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump should be removed from office before his term ends on January 20. According to a poll by ABC News/Ipsos, 56 percent of those surveyed want Trump to be removed before inauguration day, while 67 percent held the outgoing president responsible for the horrific riots at the federal building. The entire world watched when Trump supporters broke inside one of the most iconic American buildings engulfing the city in chaos and leaving five people dead on Wednesday. 

The chaotic incident followed Trump’s 'Save America' rally during which he urged his supporters to head to the Capitol to demonstrate against Congress certifying Joe Biden’s victory. Now, the House of Democrats is preparing to introduce articles of impeachment against the Republican leader in connection with the riot. The lawmakers have accused Trump of having "gravely endangered the security" of the US and its institutions. 

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Republicans call for Trump’s resignation 

Following the incident, several Republican leaders have also called for Trump’s resignation, accusing the president of descending into "madness" over his incitement of a mob of supporters. While speaking to CNN on January 10, Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey called Trump’s behaviour "outrageous" and further added that there should be accountability. Toomey said that he believes the President has "disqualified himself from ever serving in the office again". 

Other Republicans, including Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senate Republican Ben Sasse, also slammed Trump for encouraging the insurrection. Murkowski said that it is the best path for the president to stand down. He said that he thinks what the US witnessed this week is orders of magnitude more egregious than anything ever seen from Donald Trump before. Further, Sasse said that he would "definitely consider" any article of impeachment because the president "disregarded his oath of office". 

Meanwhile, even with just days left for his term to end, Democrats are discussing whether to act quickly and impeach Trump as soon as next week if his Cabinet doesn’t first try to remove him after he encouraged his supporters to ransack the Capitol. Democrats are pressuring Biden to investigate and prosecute Trump, his allies and enablers for inciting the mob to indulge in criminal conduct as they breached law and order. The Democrats appealed, that as the President-elect takes office on Jan. 20, he must ask the Department of Justice to press criminal charges against Trump. 

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