US Man Takes Over Daughter 's Instagram, TikTok Accounts To Teach Her A Lesson

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US man takes over daughter 's Instagram, TikTok accounts to teach her a lesson. Larry Sumpter and mother Tawnya punished Madelynn as she let boys to sleepover.

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When a man from Texas, United States learned that his teen daughter had been sneaking boys into sleepovers, he decided to teach her a lesson by taking over her social media accounts. Larry Sumpter took the drastic action on his 15-year-old daughter Madelynn by letting Madelynn decide between two options: one month without her mobile, or just two weeks. Things turned hilarious and embarrassing (for Madelynn) at the same time when her dad started posting selfies to her Instagram account. Moreover, Sumpter also posted dance videos to her TikTok profile, wearing a crop top and a sailor's hat in different posts. The posts spread like anything after Madelynn's friends checked them on her account. The 43-year-old decided to inform his kid's followers about Madelynn's punishment through a separate post. Take a look.

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Madelynn's account goes viral after dad takes over

Just after the first post, people were hooked on to Madelynn's account. By now the account has gathered over 5.1K followers with over 1K liking each on her dad's posts. Other mums and dads seemed inspired by his parenting, vowing to do the same thing should their children step out of line. A social media user wrote: "Let me tell you, sir, you are a genius. Love the idea". A second replied: "I love your dad, all the way from the Netherlands!! He needs an Instagram account of his own!". A third wanted her dad to get his own Instagram. While a fourth user wrote: "You are the most sense of humor dad I’ve ever known". 


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Larry plans to create his own Tiktok account

Speaking to the media, mum Tawnya said Madelynn almost backed out at the start. She said that she surprisingly said the next day that she would rather choose grounding for a month rather than two weeks for her parents were posting pictures and videos. To this, Larry said that he is too invested for the next two weeks. He has too many ideas and they will stick to the two weeks.  Tawnya concluded that her partner is loving it and he's gonna make his own TikTok account when this is over.


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