US Withheld Ukraine Aid 90 Mins After Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

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On December 18, Donald Trump was impeached by the HOP, but it looks like he will be acquited of all charges in the Senate, where Republicans are in majority.

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A series of emails published by a non-profit investigative organisation, Center for Public Integrity, shows that a US Budget officer told Pentagon to hold off the military aid to Ukraine 90 minutes after the infamous phone call between Donald Trump and his counterpart in Kiev, Volodymyr Zelensky. An impeachment trial was moved against Donald Trump after he was accused of holding $400 million in aid to Ukraine to push Kiev to investigate his political rival and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. A whistleblower heard details of the phone call between the two leaders after which impeachment was moved against Trump. 

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An hour and 31 minutes after Donald Trump's controversial phone call to Zelensky, an email from the Budget official Michael Duffey shows that an official request was made by the White House to withheld assistance to Ukraine. Michael Duffey also asked the concerned official to keep the information closely held given the sensitive nature of the request. The email was sent on July 25 at around 11:25 am. 

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Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said that if the president has done nothing wrong why is he not letting certain White House officials to testify. The email is the reason why Schumer wants Michael Duffey to testify before the Senate. Republican Senator Ron Johnson defended Trump saying that the President was concerned about the interests of American people and whether the hard-earned money of taxpayers should be spent into a country where there's a proven case of corruption.

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Donald Trump's impeachment process

On December 18, Donald Trump was impeached on two articles by the House of Representatives for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. However, it looks like Donald Trump will be acquited of all charges in the Senate, where Republicans are in majority. Donald Trump became only the third US president to face an impeachment trial in the 243-year-old history of America.

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