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Alexander Historical to auction Adolf Hitler's globe-shaped bar in the US for $ 250,000

A giant aluminium globe-shaped bar, which was removed from Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's yacht 'Aviso Grille' is set to be auctioned for $ 250,000.

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A giant aluminium globe-shaped bar, which was removed from Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's yacht 'Aviso Grille' at the time the vessel was being scrapped is set to be auctioned by Alexander Historical Auctions for $ 250,000. The bar comes with five cushioned bar stools, out of which one is fully covered in the original cloth. This bar has remained untouched in a farm in Maryland for almost seventy years by the son of the original owner who had installed this bar in the basement of his house. 

Alexander Historial to auction Hitler's globe bar

The bar which was fitted on Hitler's yacht resembles the 'world' which he wished to conquer. Alexander Historial Auction informed that the bar's surface is hemisphere in shape and it measures 61 in. wide and 33 in. deep (widest measures). The 'hemispheres' have been arranged such that if a person looks at the bar directly from the front, one would see the earth cross-cut by longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

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Aviso Grille's history 

The Aviso Grille was originally a dispatch boat that was built in 1934 and was used to lay mines and also patrol the Baltic Sea during World War II. From August 1941 to March 1942, Grille served as headquarters ship for the commander of naval forces. On May 1, 1945, Grand-Admiral Donitz announced the death of Hitler from the foredeck of the vessel. Later in 1945, the vessel was seized by British forces and was first sold to a Canadian businessman and then to a Lebanese investor who had decided to sell it to Eygpt's King Farouk. 

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Jewish saboteurs in the past tried to sink the vessel using limpet mins in Malta Harbour but failed eventually. Due to the damage caused by this attempt, Farouk backed out of the deal. After making certain repairs, the owner bought the ship to the US in 1949. As he was not able to find a buyer for Grille, it was finally sold for scrap in 1951 to a company. Later the ship was towed to Doan Salvage Yard in New Jersey and broken down. 

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