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Donald Trump Revs Up Criticism of NATO, Biden's Ukraine Funding: ‘They Won’t Defend Us’

Trump, who once tarnished NATO military bloc as “obsolete” had also blasted the European nations at the New Hampshire rally.

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NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg and former US President Donald Trump. | Image:AP

Former US President and the 2024 GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, has launched scathing attack on the Biden administration for pouring billions of dollars as tranche of aid into Ukraine war, as well as he upped the anti-NATO rhetoric. Speaking at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Trump said that he doesn’t believe NATO would “be there” for the US if it was attacked.

‘We’re paying for NATO and we don’t get so much out of it’: Trump

Trump slammed Biden’s push for a bipartisan Senate deal on border security in US, that he linked to Ukraine aid. Trump said that the aid is designed to “continue the invasion of America while sending billions of dollars” to other countries. He stressed that American financial contribution stands at ”$200 billion-plus” to Ukraine while the European nations “are in for $20 billion.”

“We’re spending – we’re paying for NATO and we don’t get so much out of it,” the Republican Party front-runner for 2024 Trump said. “And you know, I hate to tell you this about NATO – if we ever needed their help, let’s say we were attacked, I don’t believe they’d be there,” trump continued. “I don’t believe. I know the people. I know them. I can tell you country by country who would be there and who – but I don’t believe they’d be there,” he added.


Trump, who once tarnished NATO military bloc as “obsolete” blasted the European nations at the  New Hampshire rally, saying that while they spent billions and billions of dollars on their defenses, most of which came from Washington. Having once met with the NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, Trump had claimed that he realised it was, in face, the US that was “footing the bill.” 

A Politico report said that after meeting European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in 2020, Trump said that the US wouldn’t come to Europe’s defense if it was attacked, referring to enormous amount of funding from the US. At the NATO summit in Wales in 2014, NATO members pledged to spend 2 percent of their GNP on their own defense by 2024, but only a fraction of that amount has been able to hit the goal, the outlet reported. Trump has long been critical of European countries for not spending much on the bloc.


Biden campaign assailed Trump’s anti-NATO rhetorics. “The idea that he would abandon our allies if he doesn’t get his way underscores what we already know to be true about Donald Trump: The only person he cares about is himself,” Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa said in a statement. As prospects of Trump returning as the US President are likely, France’s President Emmanuel Macron warned Europe that it must be ready for whatever lies ahead. "I want a stronger Europe that can defend itself and not depend on others," the French president told reporters in Paris.


Published January 29th, 2024 at 22:14 IST

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