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US election 2020: Jill Biden's 'you're fired' video goes viral as Joe inches closer to win

With Joe Biden leading in US Election 2020, his wife and the projected US First Lady, Jill Biden’s November 3 post has triggered #YouAreFired trend on Twitter.

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US election 2020
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As the wait continues for the results of US Election 2020 and incumbent Donald Trump has already questioned the democratic process and Democratic Challenger Joe Biden is leading the race, his wife and the projected US First Lady, Jill Biden’s November 3 post has triggered a #YouAreFired trend on Twitter. On the eve of the presidential election, Jill had posted a video of urging Americans to cast vote by posting a clipping from her address while campaigning for her husband. 

In the short video, she can be heard questioning, “Are you ready to vote? Are you ready to win? Are you ready to tell Donald Trump? ‘You Are Fired.’” Now as Joe is seen leading the race for the White House with 264 electoral votes and Trump is currently at 214 for their goal to match 270, a fan account for Jill initiated the #YouAreFired hashtag with Americans telling distressed Trump that it is ‘time to leave the White House.’ Soon, the hashtag caught virality with thousands of posts, memes about the Republican President. Here’s Jill’s November 3 video:

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Netizens say in unison 'Trump #YouAreFired'

Even though the official winner of US Election 2020 has not been declared, there have already been two hashtags denouncing Trump’s presidency and netizens ‘celebrating’ his defeat. While one was #TrumpIsALaughingStock another was #TrumpMeltdown. Now #YouAreFired is rooted in Jill’s video but again, it is directing netizens to say in unison that ‘Trump #YouAreFired’. From saying that the Republican president should just leave the White House ‘right now’ to listing his so-called wrongdoing, thousands of netizens posted with the viral hashtag and praised who appeared to be the next US First Couple.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden addressed the Americans on November 7 from Delaware and assured, “we’re going to win” and called for unity. As opposed to Trump, who claimed baseless victories in some US states, the former US Vice President said that he won’t announce victory but cited the numbers projected by media networks. 

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