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US: 11,000 lightning strikes over 72 hours ignite hundreds of fires across California

Nearly 11,000 lightning strikes over the past 72 hours have led to over three hundred fire gutting down the American state of California.

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US: Over 1,100 lightning strikes hit California, ignite over 300 fires
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Nearly 11,000 lightning strikes over the past 72 hours have led to over 300 fires gutting down the American state of California. The wildfire, which has been burning for days has not only destroyed homes but also forced thousands of residents to evacuate. Adding to the tragedy, the “historic lightening siege” has now left firefighters scrambling from one end to another. Meanwhile, Californian governor Gavin Newsom has declared a statewide emergency calling for extra personnel and equipment to tackle the flames.

"What has occurred over the last 72 hours has certainly stretched the resources of this state," Newsom said at a news conference.


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Meanwhile, Jeremy Rahn, divisional chief of California fire department of forestry and fire protection said that over past 72 hours California has experienced “historic lightening siege”. According to the weather department, in addition to the fires, the record-breaking heatwave has also led to temperature soaring past 100 degrees this weekend.

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'Fire tornado'

Just a week ago, a horrifying video of a ‘fire tornado’ had surfaced on the internet. First shared, by Veronica Miracle on Twitter, the video captures a 'burning' tornado making its way through Los Angeles. Forest fires have accelerated in California, with flames engulfing 10,000 acres of the land in Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes and necessary evacuations have been placed.

In the 22 second video, a colossal tornado could be seen emerging from Lake Fire and making it's way to the Lake Hughes in rural Los Angeles county. The clip not only features the tornado sucking up everything in its way but also one can clearly hear the ‘loud roar’ of the winds. 

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Published August 20th, 2020 at 17:07 IST

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